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Two months out from NPAA!

So here I am, 2 months out from my first NPAA competition. Seven months of hardcore training and eating a proper diet have gotten me to this point - not to mention my coach and trainers at Drench. While positive and excited for competition, I am also dead tired and a touch emotional. This hasn't been an easy ride. I have pushed myself passed the limits I set for myself, broken down barriers and moved towards a goal.

I started my training back in July of 2016, This was when I changed my diet completely (eating only "clean" food portioned out for me), ramped up my fitness routine and began targeting certain muscles to achieve proper competition form. Since I am competing in the figure category, I need to ensure that my delts and lats are looking FINE. Unfortunately, I am a narrow woman, so this has been an uphill battle - but one that has slowly started to see results.

As my muscle have grow and competition inches closer, I'm learning that there are many things that have to be done on top of training. For example, at some point soon (not yet, but coming up), I will have to get a spray tan. Yes, I will be doused in spray tan to darken me up to pumpkin-like status, Turns out, spray tans are mandatory - so it has to be done! This is the thing I'm probably looking forward to the least, but if it makes me muscles pop, I’m all for it.

My most favorite part so far has probably been picking out my bikini. I was thinking I would try on a multitude of colours and styles at the Suit Lady before finding the right one, but NOPE! The first one I put on was meant for me. This was also the moment where everything became glaringly real. Was I really going to stand on stage? In front of a bunch of people? AND flex my muscles? I was instantly excited and admittedly nervous.

One of the hardest parts about prep is getting out of bed and getting to the gym regardless of how tired you are. There are some days where I've had to be up at 5:30am for fasted cardio. Other days, I get to sleep in until 6:30am before weight training. All of my meals have to be made in advance, and I can’t skip them. Nutrition is SUCH an important part of my journey. In fact, broccoli and I have become close friends.

Despite all this complaining, I am happy and healthy. I’m feeling charged, nervous, excited, physically exhausted, and working out seven days a week (three twice a day) makes a lady some kind of sleepy. Yet I work through it because I have a goal and I imagine once I’m done competition i’ll be craving another.

While the process is difficult it is also addicting. To watch my body change so rapidly into something I’ve always dreamed of is kind of amazing. To feel my generalized anxiety disorder dissipate, that's enough motivation in itself. I have suffered with anxiety most of my life and, if you know me and all you know, I feel that fitness in any form is the way to beat this disease (if I can do it you can do it!).

With all of that said, I can’t wait to show myself that anything is possible. Standing up there on stage showing off my hard work? I'm in! This has been a life changing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. With the Drench team behind me and my family supporting me I'm feeling confident going forward :)


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